Welcome Tenants.

I will do my very best to help you find the most suitable property to rent. The market has been very busy for the last few years and seems to be getting busier!
I deal with all sorts of property, from one bedroom apartments to large family homes, but the list can change daily, so although I will try and update this site on a daily basis, please ring me on my mobile to check availability. The best way is to 'like' my facebook page, Simon Vaux Rental, for immediate updates.

Depending on the circumstances of why you are renting, the process can be very exciting or rather stressful. The key thing to remember is that at the moment demand is generally outstripping supply by 3 to 1. Therefore agents and landlords can pick and choose their tenant. Before you start viewing ensure you are in the position to commit immediately you see something suitable - please don't do what someone did to me the other day and ask to view four properties but wasn't looking to move until next year! I politely explained how the market was at the moment and he left stating he'd come back a little nearer the time he was looking to move!

Happy hunting!

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Here are some points to remember when renting a property.

  • 1 You will need to budget to pay at least one month's rent on the day that you collect the keys, (or earlier if requested by the agent).
  • 2 The deposit will also need to be paid and some agents will ask for this from you before you get the keys as a sign that you are serious about the property. By law this will then be registered with a government approved scheme. Please follow this link for more information.
  • 3 By law the property must have an annual gas safety inspection carried out by a Gas Safe (formally Corgi) registered plumber on behalf of the landlord as well as an energy certificate for all new tenancies from 1st October 2008. It must also have a smoke alarm on each floor and a co2 alarm if there is a solid fuel room heater.
  • 4 Be sure to read the tenancy agreement closely before you sign it and check the inventory drawn up by the agent as soon as you move in to ensure that it is accurate.
  • 5 Sometimes the landlord will want the property occupied as soon as it become vacant, so be prepared to have an overlap with your existing property if you want to secure the new one. It will also give you longer to move in!
  • 6 Normal wear and tear is acceptable with a rented property, but if you disagree with the agent then there is now an arbitration service with each of the three deposit schemes. (N.B. 99.9% of my deposit are returned in full).
  • 7 The tenancy agreement will normally be for an initial period of six months, which will give you the chance to make sure that you like living there and for the landlord to make sure they like you! After that it will continue on a month by month basis, called a periodic tenancy. However either party can ask for a further six months or longer tenancy. I will normally negotiate this by agreement.
  • 8 As the tenant you will be responsible for the rent, utility bills and insurance for your own private possessions, whilst the landlord will be responsible for the buildings insurance, and the fabric of the building, such as the heating system, electrics (but not light bulbs!) and the roof etc.
  • 9 If there is something you don't understand please ask the agent - we are normally quite friendly!