• Do you have a property or properties that are un let?
  • Do you want a professional personal service from the owner of the business?
  • Are you fed up with mediocre service?
  • May be I can help?

Welcome Landlords.

There are two types of service I offer my clients when letting a property.

Tenant Only

This service is suitable for experienced landlords who have plenty of time to
manage the property themselves.

This service includes:

  • 1 A free valuation of the property and advice on your legal requirements.
  • 2 Preparation of details and full marketing of the property including viewings.
  • 3 After finding a suitable tenant, I will carry out comprehensive referencing including credit check, employment, current or past landlord, bank and personal. An affordability calculation will also be carried out.
  • 4 All paperwork will be prepared for your signature.
  • 5 A meeting with the tenant, collecting one months rent and the deposit in return for the keys!
  • 6 A final meeting with the landlord to hand over the paperwork and monies.

You will need to register the deposit with one of the three government approved schemes. My preferred company is The Deposit Protection Service.

All this for a one off fee of £600 + vat, £720.00 including vat.

Managed Option

This service ensures that I am the one who gets the phone call from the tenant at 10.00pm on a Saturday night to say there's a problem!

It provides all of the facilities of the 'tenant only' option but with the following,

  • 1 Day to day monitoring and first port of call for the tenant 7 days a week.
  • 2 Regular inspections.
  • 3 Account reports (if required).
  • 4 Rent collection and forwarding onto the client bank account.
  • 5 Organising of gas safety inspections.
  • 6 Organising of electrical portable appliance testing.
  • 7 Priority marketing.
  • 8 Registering of the tenants deposit with one of the government approved schemes.

All this for £450 +vat, (£540 including vat) and 12% + vat of the rent received.


The law changed in April 2007 regarding tenants deposits. Since that date all new tenancies have to be registered with one of three government approved schemes within 30 days of the tenancy starting. Failure to do so could make the agreement void, which would be a problem if you wanted to evict your tenants and you could be liable to a fine of up to ten times the deposit!

Further information can be found here. Scary stuff!

Energy Certificates have been introduced in October 2008 for all new residential rented property tenancy agreements. Further information can be found here.

I can arrange this for you, via a local assessor.

Landlords moving abroad

If you are a landlord who is moving abroad to live for longer than three months, you will need to complete the necessary form from HM Revenues and Customs.

Whether you are an experienced landlord or it's the first time, I can assure you of a professional, prompt, and descreet service which is on a strictly 'no let no fee' basis.